About Me

We are from Tire, Izmir. My father was a master blacksmith. He was a very clever and very susceptible man . Investigate, locate, he tried to do something on his own. If he had been found the opportunity to educate from high school, who knows what it would be. He had done 2-3 machine in his workshop. He made some machines which were shaping the iron, perforation and forming the iron. Then teachers and the manager of his schools came to analyse the things he created.As a child, I was constantly helping him in the workshop. I was trying to verify some information that i read in my 4th-5th class elementary school book, with the data of our own business. Having our dinner every evening as a family all together was a must. Each of us were telling about our days, such as what we did, what we learnt. To tell our ideas in these conversations we had to search and read a lot. Trying to tell our ideas, made us see the details in the situations. I started to search everything in my mind. This pushed me to research.

I went to Kuleli Military High School. This has added to me a different vision. Discipline was the main rule of the boarding military school, living separately from my family, developed my own decision-making. Those days if you had a successful score from the university exam, you’ve been able to quit the military school and continue in an another university. I won the METU electronic engineering. I didn’t continue studying in the military school. METU was the school for qualified students at the university level. There were research students and faculty members, who were encouraging them. Addition to the family we grew up, this university graduate brought us to this place.